Boiler, Heat, Hot Water Installation & Service

Boiler, Heat, Hot Water Installation & Service

Heating and Cooling Solutions

We offer expert repair, installation, and service for furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and tankless heaters. We also serve all your needs for solar thermal systems that work in conjunction with your boiler, furnace, or tankless heater.

If you’re heating or cooling equipment is more than 10 years old, you could save money by replacing it with a new, higher efficiency model. Tax incentives are available, contact us for details.

Proper maintenance of your current equipment – by a qualified technician – can avoid future problems and keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.

Aqua Care Solar is a certified Laars service provider.

Types of heating and cooling systems available:

  • High efficiency furnaces
  • High efficiency Boilers
  • Tankless water Heaters
  • Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Solar can be tied into your current systems to help you reduce your energy costs.

Call our offices today for an estimate. 303-589-4428


Don’t forget your furnace and boiler check-ups:

We know the temperatures are still rockin’ the 90s but it’s time to start thinking about your heating needs this winter. Get a jump on it with a pre-winter inspection, checkup and cleaning of your Boiler or Furnace. A maintenance inspection will help you avoid unnecessary damage to your equipment.

Service manager, Stefan, offers some sound advice:

Before you start your equipment for the first time this cold weather season, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned. Dust and other debris can cause not only an unpleasant odor upon start-up, but can be a potential fire hazard. In addition, filters must be changed every winter on Furnaces to avoid blowing this unwanted matter into your duct system and then circulating it back into your living space.

For Boilers, it is just as important to clean the area around the burners to avoid fire hazards. And on both furnaces and boilers a complete check-up will make sure you’re not caught without heat the first cold morning of fall.

We suggest a boiler or furnace check-up today. Our preventative maintenance check-up will not only clean up your system, it will make it run as efficiently as possible and prevent premature repairs.

Call today for your appointment before turning on that equipment. For a limited time you’ll receive a free carbon monoxide detector with your check-up. Just another way we want to help keep your family safe.


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